The Forest in Winter

I had this idea by in October  that I’d post the best tidbits of my daily dose of NaNoWriMo on here… Then I remembered that writing during NaNoWriMo sucks. It’s not until National Novel Editing Month that the writing gets any good.

However, I haven’t posted creative writing in a while, and all of my creative writing time is pretty tied to NaNoWriMo right now… so I guess I will submit something I wrote today. I was trying to capture the feeling of awe I sometimes get while standing in a snowy woods, when you can almost hear the trees humming.

The gate house had been built deep in an evergreen forest now blanketed in a pearly comforter of snow. Each crystal glittered in the green sunlight filtering down. Although the branches at the tops of the trees were lush with emerald needles, their bases were sparse enough to see for what felt like miles all around us. The snow dampened all sound until the forest seemed to purr. Gentle breezes sprinkled snow from the branches and it fell with muted sighs into the drift below. Although the air was frigid, it smelled clear, fresh. The mingling of the damp winter and the evergreens created a welcoming aroma that relaxed my freezing muscles.

Sunrise in a Snowy Forest by John Crowe

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