I’m a storyteller at heart. This blog is where I’ll keep my stories.

Here I am, capturing the essence of a spider.
Here I am, capturing the essence of a spider at the DC FDR Memorial.

Since I find it awkward to talk about myself (like I’d need to do on an ABOUT page), I think I’ll have some fun with this. Q&A style fun! Who are the Q’s from? No one in particular. But the As are from me.

What’s my name?

Alisa, pronounced like Lisa but with an A.

What genres do I read? Write?

My reading tends to fall into two categories. 1) Academic, and more specifically psychology (I’m a psych grad student). 2) Sci-Fi and fantasy to get my mind off category 1. I also like a good mystery and seem to be perpetually reading Sherlock Holmes.

When I’m doing flash fictions, I like to practice with different genres or at least moods. If I’m writing something longer, it usually ends up becoming fantasy or sci-fi. That’s where my attention tends to wander.

What’s my stance on eBooks?

I love ’em when I’m traveling, but if the book is one that I really enjoy I want to have a hard copy in my hands. There something about the weight of a book and the smell and feel of it’s pages that eBooks can’t capture (at least not at their current level of technology).

When did I start writing?

Apparently, when my age was in single digits, I told my grandmother I wanted to be an author and illustrator of my own books. I still have the books I wrote back then (on printer paper, in plastic protectors). They’re magnificent.

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