Book Beginnings and Friday 56: Uncle Silas

Wow, it’s been a while since I posted anything… So without further adieu…

Uncle Silas  by Sheridan le Fanu (a book I picked up at random from the library).

For Book Beginnings by Rose City Reader

It was winter–that is, about the second week in November–and great gusts were rattling at the windows, and wailing and thundering among our tall trees and ivied chimneys–a very dark night, and a very cheerful fire blazing, a pleasant mixture of good round coal and spluttering dry wood, in a genuine old fireplace, in a sombre old room.

For The Friday 56 by Freda’s Voice

I’m cheating a little with this one and including several lines, since they’re more interesting together.

At that moment the door of my father’s study opened, and Mrs. Rusk, with her dark energetic face very much flushed, stepped out in high excitement.

“The Master says you may have the brandy-bottle, Madame, and I’m glad to be rid of it–I am.”

Madame curtsied with a great smirk, that was full of tangible hate and insult.

6 thoughts on “Book Beginnings and Friday 56: Uncle Silas

    1. It’s considered one of the first Gothic mysteries. The reviews I’ve seen suggest it’s not exactly a thriller since it doesn’t have too many thrills, but the creepy/thrilling scenes it does have are pretty intense.

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