Binge Reading or Paced Reading?

Which do you prefer: Binging on a book series or pacing your reading?

I’ve been think about binge reading recently (which I was disappointed to find is already a thing so I can’t coin the term). By binging, I’m talking about reading all the books in a series in quick succession instead of pacing your reading so you wait months if not years between books. I’m on hold at my local library for The Paper Magician and The Glass Magician, the first and second book in a triliogy that’s been published in very quick succession. The Paper Magician was published in September 2014 while The Glass Magician was published November 2014 and the third book will be published in July of this year. My first thought when I saw this was, ‘Oh, that makes sense because once people get hooked by the first book, they’ll want to read the second book/rest of the series right away.’

Then I thought about it for a minute and decided that was a terrible idea, at least for my reading style. Although I’ll probably binge The Paper Magician series to get the books back to the library in time, that’s not normally how I read. I love the suspense that comes with waiting for the next installment of a story, whether it be the next book, TV episode, or movie. I dislike binging TV shows even though that’s all the rage now (the one exception I will binge is Orange is the New Black, which is designed for that kind of viewing). Binging, at least for me, kills at lot that stressful but satisfying suspense and anticipation.

Last year, I read several first-in-a-series books and plan to read at least some of their subsequent books this year. While I could read all the books in one series before moving onto the next, I much prefer mixing the series up. Once I’ve read book 2 from series X, then Y, then z, I can move on to reading book 3 from series X, then Y, then Z. Hopefully that’ll give me time to let the stories sink in and build my anticipation.

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