Writer Emergency Pack: Helping Writers Get Unstuck

Just when I thought I was out, Kickstarter pulled me back in. I like supporting indie artists, start-ups and the like,  so backing projects on Kickstarter can be a fun was to do that… but the cost adds up. I made myself promise not to go on any crowd funding websites for a while.

Then someone showed me the Writer Emergency Pack project:

Image from John August’s (the creator’s) blog.

The Writer Emergency Pack is a card game writer’s can use to defeat the nagging monster called Writer’s Block. The 26 cards, in addition to having awesome illustrations, have suggestions on how to spice up your story. It looks pretty neat, a fun tool to help brainstorm new ideas or to just have sitting around on a writing desk for when you want a chuckle.

Image from the Writers Emergency Kit Kickstarter Campaign.

The Kickstarter campaign ends in 12 days. It’s already 100% funded, so if you pledge $19 you’ll get the card set. PLUS, they’ll donate one card pack for every one solid to a young writer’s program, which is pretty cool.

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