Editing, One Freak at a Time

I knew as I was writing my last creative writing post, I’d be editing. I didn’t elaborate on the circus employees (or freaks, if you prefer) as much as I wanted to. So I’m going to expound on what I’ve written in a series of editing posts.


Rubber Ritchie, contortionist. Photo from Acts and Attractions.

A The blind curve into of the first tent leads wary patrons inside a mammoth steel cage. Few dare to snicker gleefully at the what appears to be an empty attraction,. T and they are the first struck. A tickle along the back of their necks excites the hairs that stand on end at the scent of as if sensing danger, setting off a chain reaction that drains their smirks and sets their hearts pounding. Their agitation spreads.

Soon everyone sees the spandex snake slithering through the bars. The elongated arm Everyone catches the slithering in the corner of their eyes. Spandex weaves through the bars, the end unrolling toward the nearest patron who squeals and falls back into the crowd. The elongated fingers of man in a stretchable suit flourish, the index pointsing upward. Eyes with more white than iris follow.

The Fabulously Flexible Man has wrapped the top of the cage as if he were its canopy threaded himself through the bars of the cage’s canopy. Though his skin groans from the strain, he does not break. The muscles in his neck stretch like taffy under the weight of his head. As it descends, he coils around to take in all of his guests. They gasp as the features of his face contort. His muscles tighten until he grins down at them, shining like a Botox addict.

When his ear extends drips downward like as a bit of wax escaping would escape its candle, a woman shrieks and begins a stampede.

I guess this is good enough… for now! I mostly wanted to incorporate something about Botox, which I only thought about after I posted.




4 thoughts on “Editing, One Freak at a Time

    1. Thanks! A lot of people seem to dislike the editing process, but I like having the chance to come up with new (and hopefully improved) ways of looking at a character or scene. As long as I don’t need to do a massive editing overhaul, that is…

      1. I’ve been in the editing stages of my bigger-than-it-should-be manuscript for what feels like forever, but on the other hand, I really think what I have now puts what I started out with to shame (which I say with something resembling love, because, you know, I didn’t give up on it!)

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