365 WP #7: A Bend in Time

Today’s 365 Day Writing PromptA bend in time – When you’re giddy with excitement, does time speed up? Slow down? Tell us about the experience of anticipation

So this is going to be nice, short flash fiction, because a wrong turn extended my 30 minute errand into a two-hour event.

Also, the only thing I could think of after reading this prompt:

Anyway, when I anticipate things, time feels like it’s slowing down. Usually time only speeds up for me once I’m in the midst of doing something that I’m enjoying.

So enjoy a little tale about someone who likes to indulge in the slower things in life.

With each inch closer to the finish line he stepped, Tortoise felt his adrenaline slowing. His muscles ebbed and flowed as if he were a well-oiled Amish buggy. Hare may think the path to victory is a paved fast lane, but Tortoise knew it was all about the slow-and-steady. No need to pull a muscle in pursuit of the inevitable. He didn’t even bother looking over his shell to see where Hare was. Everything was falling into place according to the cosmic order of the universe.

Tortoise placed one claw on the white chalk of the finish line and a sweet, molasses zen washed over him. His closed his eyes for the remainder of his race. All earthly desires vanished from his mind as he attained Nirvana. He was a turtle, adrift in the great void of life, awash in complete egolessness. There was no race. There was no tortoise. To win would cause him no joy. To loose would cause him no suffering. Tortoise simply was.

His second toe slid across the finish line a solid minute after the first.

“Tortoise, let’s get a move on,” Hare said. As he stamped his foot, his victory medallion beat against his well-rested chest. “I won over an hour ago.”

Tortoise, with eyes still closed, laid on his stomach and swam turtle-angels in the dirt. “Namaste, my brothers. Namaste.”

Art from Skia.

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