365 WP #3: Non Sequitur

Today’s 365 Days of Writing Prompt is one of those prompts that’s so delightfully open-ended, it takes you forever to come up a story:

Non-Sequitur: Write a post about anything you’d like, but be sure to include this sentence somewhere in the final paragraph: “He tried to hit me with a forklift!”

I’m only three posts into this 365 Days thing, and I can already foresee major issues ahead. My Mondays and Tuesdays are unforgiving, so posting on those days will be difficult. I wanted to develop a funny story around this prompt, but I think I’m going to go with the first un-developed idea that popped into my head because I don’t have time to develop it. But what I will do is pretend this underdeveloped idea is some kind of movie or book proposal, or the beginning of a story some old codger would tell to who’d ever listen in an tavern over a stale pint.


Hidden deep within the abandoned construction site, great yellow beasts keep secrets that still chill the bones of any Hard Hat Harry east of the Mississippi.  Secrets of wealth and power, of family lies and fraternal betrayals, of blood-tempered steel and steel-hardened tempers. Beyond the plastic orange fences, life is ruled by the ancient, traditional code of the construction worker where a game of forklift chicken can determine whether you’re King Stud* or just foundation fodder crushed beneath the victor’s steel-toed boots. For surveyor, Hank McCready, mastering the forklifts wasn’t a matter of pride or honor or arrogance. It was a game he had to win, to seek revenge for the woman he loved, and to keep those remaining alive.

“Ye gotta help me, Hank! He’s crazy. He tried to hit me with a forklift! I’m telling ye, Hank, he’s gonna keep comin’ after–” Beyond his wife’s final shrieks over a crackling cellphone, Hank catches the unmistakable rumble of an forklift engine. When her body is found half-buried in his own construction site, he knows he’ll never rest until her murderer is brought to justice–construction justice. But this is no simple Cinderella story of matching forklift print to forklift foot. Hunting down the psycho will thrust Hank deep into the world of underground, off-road forklift derby, and into the heart of a carefully engineered darkness.

Hard Hat Harry wouldn’t be smilin’ if he were challenged to a forklift derby. Photo from SGC Television.


*Fun Fact: king stud is a real construction term that I looked up just for this post. It’s, apparently, the vertical lumber on the left and right of a window or door that runs continuously from the bottom sole place to the top plate. The more you know…

Also, I kind of want this to be a story now. I would call it… Construction Justice!


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