Mood #4: Terror

Canyon Lake, Thailand

The stiff wood walls of the kayak felt like a coffin, her black shadow a death shroud preparing to choke the life out of him. The air became icy as she loomed, blocking the crackling sun with a face warped into a murderous scowl. His heart pounded against his chattering rib cage as if desperate to crawl out. His muscles tightened, winding him down into bowels of the kayayk.  He was a shaking hermit crab helpless to protect his shell from a vicious stomping. He was a rolled-up hedgehog as an eagle plucked out his quills one by one. He was not long for this kayak. Their craft convulsed when she lunged for them. He released a pitiable shriek as she dug into his arms and wrenched him up. As the kayak trashed, the water whipped over them like razor blades stinging his eyes, swamping his throat. His chest slammed into the metal-capped and shocked his chest. The once crisp, cool, clear lake water looked like a black abyss as she shoved his face into its depths. His lungs compressed against the metal siding and the air trumpeted out of him until the churning water simmered to lifeless percolation. The kayak assumed a slight tilt as his body dangled from the side.

She sat in the center, stiff and unable to acknowledge the origins of that choppy splashing or  the thunk against the kayak’s side that reverberated through her body until it gripped her heart. She drifted onward, her breathing hushed, the world around her stunned to silence, her mind howling in its cage of flesh and bone. The surrounding canyon walls glowered down at her with their repulsed rockfaces. She bolted up on legs that quaked with such fury the kayak pitched and seized. With her face turned up to the sunlight biting tears out of her eyes, she let her jaw drop open. She shrieked until her breath was like his.


Well, that got dark.


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