Mood #3: Betrayal

Why did I choose betrayal?! I’ve been completely stumped on how to present a flash fiction about this picture that creates a betrayed mood. A story of betrayal, maybe, but a betrayed mood? Hopefully I’ve got something here…


Canyon Lake, Thailand

The kayak swayed as she rose to her unsteady feet. With one hand on each side to balance herself, she climbed to the bow of the kayak. It rocked when she knelt down to rummage through her rucksack. Where was supply of water he promised to pack? Her throat itched with dehydration further irritated by the sweltering summer sun and the lack of breeze over the canyon lake. Her fingertips scraped along the bottom of the bag, knuckles dinging off everything but a water bottle. Her throat tightened as she gripped the kayak sides and twisted around. He lay along the stern, hat pulled down over his eyes and a smug grin dripping from his lips that looked far from parched. She crawled toward him, nails digging into the kayak’s paint until they stained red. He tilted his head back to digest her poisonous scowl as her unforgiving shadow smothered him.


On the plus side, even if this doesn’t convey betrayal as a mood rather than a plot point, I know what I’m going to write for the next mood of terror.


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