Mood #1: Contentment

Last night before falling asleep, I had a (hopefully brilliant!) idea. The before-bed hour is prime time for ideas as fantastic as they are inconvenient. My inspiration: write several iterations of the same story each in a different genre! It was brilliant. However, writing in an assortment of genres was daunting. I need to do genre research if I want to reasonably pull off this plan.

So I had another idea to pursue in the meantime (an idea that I’m sure has to be an assignment often given out in creative writing courses). My inspiration #2: write several different iterations of the same scene each conveying a different mood WITHOUT mentioning any direct emotion words (e.g. happy, despair) in that scene. I’m generally decent at showing and not telling when it comes to emotion, so long as I have the space for it (… I think…), but this is definitely an exercise that would help me hone my writing and editing skills as I craft and polish the perfect mood.

Here are the moods I’ve chosen:

  1. Contentment
  2. Isolation
  3. Betrayal
  4. Terror
  5. Wonder
  6. GRAB BAG! (I’ll come up with a mood at random! Or if anyone has suggestions.)

I’ll be using Writing Prompt #30 from A Writer’s Discrepant Memoirs and Other Tales to inspire each scene.


She lounged along the rows of seats, letting her arm dangle off the side of the kayak and her fingertips graze the cool lake water. She closed her eyes to focus on the rhythmic lapping of water against the wooden hull. As she floated along, she felt the protective canyon walls keeping watch over her. Their shadows fell across her body as if Mother Nature herself were laying down a weightless blanket to guide her into sleep. The shade offered her the perfect degree of protection from the blazing sun. Blistering heat gave way to a steady, balanced warmth. The breeze caressing the lake surface carried off the last of the stifling humidity. She breathed in until her lungs could hold no more and breathed out as slowly as her kayak drifted. The rhythmic lapping gradually lessened until she lay in still waters. She made no effort to propel onward, choosing instead to linger in the moment.


Did I succeed in making you feeling my protagonist’s contentment? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!


4 thoughts on “Mood #1: Contentment

  1. I’m fond of both ideas! What interesting and fun challenges. That was one of the things I liked about this image, that it could a variety of ways depending on the type of story you wanted to tell. I like the line about “Mother Nature’s weightless blanket”. I look forward to your other stories! 🙂

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