Writer Would You Rather…?

Photo by Antonio Litterio
Photo by Antonio Litterio

A few weeks ago, I signed up to get the newsletter from The Write Practice. I thought the daily/weekly prompts would make it easier for me to take breaks from school and spend those breaks writing. Today’s newsletter wasn’t really a prompt, but I thought it would make a decent blog entry. It’s the writer’s version of the Would You Rather game:

Would you rather read your writings to an audience of ten people who love you or to 10,000 people you don’t know? 

An audience of 10,000. Go big or go home, right? Sure it would be intimidating, but I think the feedback would be more plentiful and more useful.

Would you rather publish one insanely great-selling book and never write again … or publish a string of 15 average-selling books over a 20-year period?

This one was tough until I thought about the “never write again” part. If  the first choice was to publish an insanely great seller and then never PUBLISH again, I’d be tempted to choose that. But never WRITE again? Pass. I’ll take the average-sellers, and hope that at least one of them is a gem that catches on after I’ve died.

Would you rather be recognized wherever you go… or live a quiet (monetarily successful)  life of anonymity?

For me, this is a no-brainer. Choice two. Next?

Would you rather be rich and loathed or poor and well-loved?

Poor and well-loved. I’m assuming they mean monetarily poor. I’d be okay with that. Poverty sucks for sure, but millions of people endure it every day. If you’re not contributing positively to the world, then what are you really doing?

Would you rather do a cross-country book store tour or blog tour?

Book store tour. I’m not 100% sure what a blog tour is (I’m a bad twenty-something, not down with this new tech), but I love being in bookstores. Some women like shopping for clothes. I like shopping for books.

Would you rather write in a rooftop garden surrounded by city noises — or in a quiet studio with cows as your neighbors?

This one was a little tough. Over the years I’ve had to admit to myself that I actually work better without noise. I get distracted too easily and my mind just goes off to daydream at the slightest audio provocation. I’d love to write in an inspirational rooftop garden, but not amid a city soundtrack. The quiet studio would allow me to get more done, so long as I don’t have to SMELL the cows. I grew up near farms. I don’t care for cow pie smell.

Would you rather teach writing in a high school or go back to grad school for a Creative Writing degree?

Well, I’m already in grad school… While a Creative Writing degree does sound like something I’d enjoy pursuing, I don’t think it’s necessary to become a great writer. Plus, I love teaching and would love to help kids develop a passion for writing. I’m going to have to go with choice 1.

Would you rather bravely share your writing or sit on the writing sidelines forever?

Bravely share my writing! But I’m going to share it when I’m good and ready. After polishing it in a rock tumbler.


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