The Obligatory Introduction Post

Hello again, Blogosphere!

This marks the start of my third blog on WordPress. My first blog (Adventures in Korean) I count as a moderate success. Who knew logging my random adventures teaching English in South Korea would win me a weekly reader base? My second blog (Adventures in Graduate School) was not so successful. A large part of that was because I had a hard time writing about my experiences in grad school without getting bogged down in the…well, the everything. A lot of people who haven’t been seem to assume the life of a graduate student is similar enough to the life of an undergraduate. IT. IS. NOT.

Rather than try to revive that blog, I opted to start this one. A major advantage Adventures in Writing will have over my past two blogs is that its scope is far larger. I can basically write (or blog, if you will) about anything and it will fall under the umbrella that covers this little corner of cyberspace. Can I write about my memories of Korea? Of course. Can I write about my battles in higher education? Sure, but I probably won’t, at least not too often. It’s not the world’s most interesting topic (or perhaps I just haven’t found a way to make it interesting yet? Will I accept the challenge?!)

My posts on this blog will probably fall into a couple of categories (but I’m not making any official promises!):

  1. Original creative writing, inspired by a picture or a writing prompt (Creative Adventures!)
  2. A reflection on some wacky event that has graced my life (Daily Grind Adventures!)
  3. Edits of previous posts, most commonly those in the first category (Editing Adventures!)
  4. Random thoughts on the writing process. (Random Adventures!)

I’m particularly excited about entries that call into category 3, Editing Adventures. Even if you have talent, you don’t magically become great at something. It takes time to hone a craft, and that’s what I’ll be doing by editing my entries. How can I make my writing more engaging, more concise (that’s a significant problem of mine…), more nuanced, etc.? Through the magic of the red pen! Or rather the red font! With a generous assist from the  strike-through feature!

And that’s the gist of my plans going forward. I suppose this post falls into category 4. I also suppose that since I’ve made these categories, I should go ahead and use them to organize this blog.

Until next time, dear readers.


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